Sound Design

Musical theater sound design has become one of Pinnacle Audio's most requested services. In addition to coming up with the mic plot, sound effects, and console set up, they frequently mix the productions. An audio clip from a recent musical production that Matt handled the sound design and mixing for can be found here

The Wedding Singer at AHS.jpg

Corporate event with LPI


Live Sound

Pinnacle Audio has worked on projects ranging from small community presentations and international corporate conventions to mixing cover bands in a club or outdoor festival. They also work for musical theater, choir and a cappella concerts.  Regardless of where the event is being held or the equipment used, Pinnacle Audio will make it sound its best.

Recording, Mixing, & Editing

Pinnacle Audio has the ability to manage small recording and mixing projects. They also have done work with audio editing and restoration. This work is done within Pro Tools and iZotope RX software with a suite of plugins from multiple developers.

Sound Mixing


Do you need help troubleshooting the sound system at your church or school? Do you have volunteers that need training? Pinnacle Audio can train your personnel  to operate and care for the equipment at your venue. They'll learn everything from console functionality to basic mixing techniques and troubleshooting steps. We can even help with system upgrades.