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About Matt and Pinnacle Audio

Thanks for checking out Pinnacle Audio! I've been working in the live sound field since 2003. My first time behind the board was actually for a musical. Most of what I knew for that show I learned by reading the owner's manual and used my music background to gauge what I thought it should sound like. I turned this into a career with my first paid job in 2007. Coincidentally, today some of my favorite events to work are in the theater scene. Some of the sound design awards I've received are listed here.


I have continued to pursue my love for sound, and music, and continually try to expand my knowledge. I approach projects from an artistic and analytic perspective. Doing so makes the work more than just about the sound; it’s about helping to create an experience the audience will remember. I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of events including corporate, weddings, clubs, live streams, show choir, a cappella, and musical theater to name some. These events have been a mix of working on my own or in collaboration with other production companies.


When I formed Pinnacle Audio, I wasn't sure where it would lead me. All I knew is I wanted what I offered to be unique, high quality, and very professional. Whenever it comes time to update our equipment inventory, those three traits are at the forefront of my mind. That's why the current sound systems consist of equipment from Danley Sound Labs, Crown, and Allen & Heath, among  others.

Mixing on Allen & Heath iLive 144
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